Courses and Lectures

I am  pleased to be able to offer a variety of courses:

Pilates for the Health Professional Course Level 1:  this course is designed as a”teaser” course to wet your appetite for Pilates in the clinical field.  The courses are held over a weekend and you will come away with useful exercises which are easily applied in a latitude of clinical settings.

Pilates For the Shoulder: The shoulder is a truly amazing joint, an incredible range of motion with lots of intrinsic muscles to aid stability. Unfortunately this  means that it is also susceptible to a lot of injuries due to trauma as well as a result of muscle imbalance and poor alignment.

Pilates for Pregancy:  During the usual nine months of a pregancy the body goes through numerous physical and emotional changes.  This means that you need to modify and adapt your program.  You will learn the main characteristics of each trimester, what and what not to teach and how to modify your pregnant client’s exercise program . This is a one day course and previous Pilates experience is a must.

Educational seminars for Dancers:

Scoliosis in the Adolescent Dancer

Concussion in Dance

Common Dance injuries

Stretching revisited – How to be a Strong Yet Flexible Dancer




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