About Susie Higgins

Susie Higgins found her way to Pilates through her original profession as a physiotherapist working mainly with sports injuries and spinal conditions.  She qualified through Bodycontrol Pilates (UK) in 2000.  The Body Control Pilates Association is widely seen as Europe’s leading professional body for Pilates teachers and is widely seen as a quality standard .  All BCPA members work to a laid down code of practice covering teaching standards, professional ethics, continuous education.

In November 2018 Susie completed her Schroth Instructor at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Klinik in Germany.

Susie continues to update her knowledge by attending regular courses and conferences.  She has attended courses with MJ Bloom, Karen Clippinger, Eric Franklin, Tom Meyers, Diane Lee , LJ Lee, to name just a few.

Since certifying through BCPA , Susie acquired  the following certifications:

Licensed Ron Fetcher Towelsworks and Spine Corrector Instructor as well as Ron Fletcher Floorworks and Ron Fletcher Barre.

Certified Pre and Postnatal specialist

Pilates in Pregnancy and Postpartum is one of Susie’s specialty training areas in which she has a lot of knowledge and expertise.

Certified Pfilates Instrcutor.

Susie is actively involved with dancers and dance students.

Another area of interest  is co-developing the Pilates for Parkinsons, MS and other neurological conditions in conjunction with Margaret Bowden.

Qualifications / Certifications

All qualifications are current and in good standing

  • cert. Bodycontrol Pilates (UK) Instructor
  • cert. Schroth Instructor
  • cert. PMA Instructor
  • Licensed Ron Fletcher Instructor
  • cert. Pre and Postnatal Pilates Instructor
  • Physiotherpay Assistant (Canada)
  • Physiotherapist (Germany, UK)
  • Member of the Chartered Soctiety of Physiotherpy (UK)
  • BSc Physiotherapy conversion degree from physiotherapy diploma in 2011

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