Pilates for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition, not a disease.  Learn how exercises taken and modified where necessary from both the Pilates Mat and Pilates Equipment repertoire can help with symptom management for the individual sufferer. Feel more confident integrating clients with scoliosis into your group classes knowing that  your exercise selection is safe and effective.

June 9/10   10am – 5pm

Cost $425 plus GST

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Clinical Pilates for the Acute and Chronic Spine


A two day interactive workshop for certified Pilates Instructors which will be held at Trimetrics Physiotherapy Clinic in North Vancouver.

Dates:  May 19th/20th  OR July 14th/15th

Time 10am -5pm

Cost $425 plus GST – spaces are limited

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Evolved Pilates Education

Manual Therapy / Physiotherapy/ Osteopathy / Chiropractic / Kinesiology and Pilates – a match made in heaven?  We think so !

Pilates is an exercise program which uses exercises based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates to change the way we use our bodies. It aims to change faulty movement patterns and common muscle imbalances, restore good postural alignment and natural  normal movement.

Pilate gives us the building blocks of core stability.  It is a natural progression from / addition to the work from your health practitioner.  Research has shown that the most effective way to rehabilitate from an injury or to prevent re-injury is to have a combination of manual therapy, education and an exercise program which helps to re-establish sound movement patterns.

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